Alpharex PRO LED upgrades

Alpharex PRO LED upgrades

Alpharex produce some of the most unique and high performance aftermarket headlights that are available for the PX2 PX3 Ford Ranger, Ranger Raptor and Ford Everest. 

It's hard to go past the top of the line NOVA, with its striking triple projector design, outrageous light output from the genuine OSRAM LEDs and the patented ICE-BLOCK projector lenses. 

But, for those on a budget, we also offer the PRO spec. Very similar design language, with dual projectors and the unique DRL/Indicator. They use a H7 Halogen bulb, but they are ripe for a performance upgrade. 

We have had lots of questions regarding upgrading the PRO from the standard halogen bulbs to LED bulbs, so we decided to put a post up to cover this. 

It can be quite dangerous to put LED bulbs into housings which weren't designed for the higher and different output that LEDs have compared to halogen, and they can often render the built in cutoff, which stops glare for oncoming traffic, ineffective. This causes light to spray out in all directions, giving the illusion of more light, but in effect, your eyes are being tricked and you most likely have worse illumination where you need it most, down the road to spot hazards. It also provides a dangerous experience for oncoming traffic. which is something everyone should care about. 

The good news is that the PRO model doesn't suffer from this, with the projector units being able to safely capture the upgraded LED bulbs, and project it safely down the road and maintaining the crisp cut off line. 

Below is the outputs from using a H7 LED kit installed in a set of PRO in both Hi/Lo projectors. This is an American Ranger, so they have used a H7 bulb kit from the USA. 
But, for something available locally, we recommened these from STEDI.


Offering a projector specific LED output and the optimum colour of 5700k for a more natural daylight white. they will be an awesome upgrade. 

Low Beam cut off

Alpahrex PRO with LED upgrade low beam

High beam cut off

alpharex pro ranger headlights with led upgrade high beam

Low beam on the road

Alpharex Ranger PRO headlights low beam

High beam on the road

alpharex ranger PRO headlights high beam