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Although this kit is not outside of the realms of the DIY'er, this is serious business and we highly recommend taking your truck to a trusted and high quality workshop to ocmplete the work to high safety standard. They will have the required tools and knowledge to ensure your ride is not going to cause any issues for you or other road users. The rear suspensions does require welding on the factory axle housing and this can only be done by a qualified fabricator to ensure it meets the standard to be engineered.


The G.O.A.T Offroad test mule was put through its paces in a full ESC test and passed with flying colours with this kit installed. Once this was passed, we were given "Type" approval to sell our kits. This approval means that if you install our kit to a high quality of workmanship and present your truck to a VASS signatory with the approved wheel and tyre combo, your truck will pass mod plate.

Other requirements

  • 17x9" 0 offset wheels
  • Max 35x12.5r17 tyres