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  • 2x 17-4 Clevis
  • 2x 3/4" heims 
  • 4x 17-4 misalignments
  • 2x Anodized alloy steering arms
  • 2x 7/8" heims
  • 2x 17-4 tapered misalignment pins
  • 2x universal stretch steering boots
  • All required hardware


By installing this product you understand that this kit is removing the "fuse" in the steering system (factory rack ends are designed to bend in a bind). This means that there is potential for catastrophic damage to occur to the steering rack itself. G.O.A.T Offroad will not be held responsible for any subsequent failures of your factory steering system due to the installation of this product. In practice, we are yet to have any damage happen to steering racks. The delta between the force to bend a factory rack end and the force required damage a rack is quite big. If you offroad with a logical brain and don't try and smash your steering wheel when your wheel is stuck you will be fine.