PX Ford Ranger/Everest/BT50 Stage 2 long travel front suspension
PX Ford Ranger/Everest/BT50 Stage 2 long travel front suspension
PX Ford Ranger/Everest/BT50 Stage 2 long travel front suspension
PX Ford Ranger/Everest/BT50 Stage 2 long travel front suspension
G.O.A.T Offroad

PX Ford Ranger/Everest/BT50 Stage 2 long travel front suspension

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It's finally here! The G.O.A.T Offroad Stage 2 long travel front suspension for all PX Rangers, Everest and UP/UR BT50.

The centerpiece of the kit is our Australian made, upper and lower control arms which are 75mm wider than factory. They are laser cut and folded from HA350mpa steel, with extra gusseting to take everything you can throw at them. 

They allow for up to 12" of wheel travel* which is a massive 84% increase over factory! 

They utilize Superpro Polyurethane Ranger specific bushings and Genuine style ball joints for ease of servicing.

To ensure your steering is up to the job, we also include our super beefy clevis steering upgrade. Which removes the factory rack end and tie rod end and replaces it with heim joints at each end. 

For 4x4 drivetrains, we also include extended CV axle shafts. (complete CV shown in picture but these are not included) The included CV axle shafts use the same splines and design as your factory CV axles and can be built into your factory FoMoCo CV joints. 

To ensure correct geometry, we have designed a shock top mount, which is able to be bolted onto your shock of choice (as long as its a 2.5 coilover with a spherical bearing and removable top hat - Kings, GMF, Fox, Icon, Superior Engineering)

Extended brake lines are also included, as no off the shelf extended line will be long enough. 

The kit is able to work with the factory bump stops (correctly spaced to suit your setup), but we highly recommend our Hydraulic bump stop for the ultimate ride. 

This kit offers a huge increase in on and offroad handling, articulation and ability to soak up those bump and jumps. Paired with our Stage 1 rear kit and appropriate wheel tyre package, you can have a very capable but under-the-radar rig with tremendous performance and none of the unwanted attention. 

  • 2x +75mm wider lower control arms with Superpro bushings pre installed
  • 2x +75mm wider upper control arms with Superpro bushings pre installed
  • HD Clevis steering upgrade with steering boots
  • 2x Extended brake lines
  • (optional) 2x extended cv axle shafts (shafts only - NOT complete CV axles)
  • 2x Upper shock mount hats


2.5 Coilover with remote reservoir, that has a removable top cap and a spherical bearing.

  • Carbon Shock Technologies (our recommendation)
  • GMF Race 2.5 LT
  • Superior Engineering 2.5
  • Fox
  • Kings
  • Icon


    Ideal shock lengths

    These are the GMF LT Race shock specs, which is the longest possible Ranger coilover we are aware of.

    • Ideal Closed length: 395mm
    • Ideal Open length: 555mm

    If you have a PX3 and you don't want to add our Hydraulic bumpstops, your travel will be limited as PX3 shocks are shorter than PX1/2 shocks.


    Its possible to use pos55 wheels (factory Ranger or Ranger Raptor) and stay mostly inside of off the shelf flares. But any offset will work. 


    MAX 285/70r17 (32.8") with stock gaurds. Due to the additional uptravel you will have issues with damaging guards at full bump. 


    To match your new increased travel on the front, you need to increase the rear suspension travel. Our Stage 1 Rear kit is capable of achieving 12" of wheel travel is a great compliment to the long travel front. Shop it here!




    Q: Why is there an asterix next to 12" travel?

    A: Because the travel achieved is entirely dependant on what shocks you use. The kit was designed around the GMF Race LT Coilover. Unfortunately due to reasons outside of our control, since beginning this kit, the GMF shocks have gone out of stock. We are working with GMF on a solution but we don't have a timeline for this. 

    Q: Will "X" Shocks work?

    A: We have designed the kit around the PX2 style shock which uses a M16 lower shock bolt. We can provide required misalignment spacers to convert PX3 shocks to suit this. Just let us know.

    Q: Is there any welding required?

    A: Nope. It's a complete bolt on system that is easily reverse if required. Unless you opt for the Hydraulic bumpstops, which require welding to the chassis.

    Q: Is it road legal?

    A:At this stage, its not road legal in Australia. We are working towards post-rego approval for the full Stage 2 kit, which includes a track corrected rear differential which is required to meet ADR/NCOP rules. The kit we are selling today will form part of the kit that becomes legal, so you can always install now and get certified later. 

    Did you know we can install this for you?

    Book in now to have our experienced staff take care of your rig!

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