Why you should be regearing your Ford Ranger

Why you should be regearing your Ford Ranger

When it comes to modifying your Ford Ranger, increasing tyre size is often one of the first and most noticeable changes enthusiasts make. However, what many overlook is the significant impact this modification has on the vehicle's overall gearing and drivetrain performance. The factory design of your Ranger's engine, transmission, and driveline is finely tuned to work together seamlessly, optimizing torque delivery and fuel economy with the stock tyre size.

Yet, as soon as larger tyres are fitted, the dynamics change drastically. Suddenly, your Ranger's gearing is thrown off balance, and the harmony between its components is disrupted. This can lead to a host of issues, from decreased fuel efficiency to compromised drivability, particularly when the vehicle is loaded with aftermarket accessories like camping gear, bumpers, or roof racks.

The consequences of this imbalance are not merely theoretical; they manifest in real-world scenarios. With the added weight and increased rolling resistance of larger tyres, your engine and transmission must work harder to maintain performance. Automatic transmissions may find themselves constantly downshifting to compensate for the altered gear ratio, while manual transmissions may struggle to deliver the same level of power in higher gears.

Moreover, the misconception that lower cruising RPM automatically translates to improved fuel efficiency overlooks the fact that any acceleration requires more fuel consumption. Thus, while cruising RPM may be lower with larger tyres, the need for more frequent acceleration offsets any potential gains in fuel economy.

Enter the G.O.A.T Offroad 4.62 Differential Gears. These aftermarket gears are specifically designed to recalibrate your Ranger's final drive ratio, restoring it to factory specs when running 35" tyres. By effectively undoing the impact of larger tyres on the vehicle's gearing, these gears ensure that your Ranger maintains its optimal performance and fuel efficiency, even when loaded down with gear for your next adventure.

For those seeking even greater off-road capability or running larger 37" tyres, G.O.A.T Offroad offers 4.88 differential gears, providing an even lower final drive ratio to tackle the most challenging terrain with ease.

In conclusion, while the prospect of gearing and differential modifications may seem daunting to some, the benefits they offer are undeniable. By addressing the significant impact of larger tyres on your Ford Ranger's drivetrain, G.O.A.T Offroad 4.62 Differential Gears restore balance and harmony to your vehicle, ensuring that it performs at its best, whether on the highway or the trail. Don't let the complexities of gearing dissuade you—embrace the opportunity to unlock the full potential of your Ranger with G.O.A.T Offroad.


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