Q: Why can't I get full travel on a PX3 if I dont choose the hydraulic bumpstop option?

A: Because for the PX3, Ford opted to (un)nessesarily tinker with the front end. They removed the chassis mounted bump stop and put it inside the shock. But, they didn't move the upper shock mount, meaning that the bump stop shortened the overall length of the shock. That means that we need have a shorter shock travel to work with and so wheel travel is decreased. We highly recommend the hydraulic bumpstops for PX3.

Q: I have a BT50, PX1, PX2; can I use my factory chassis bumpstop?

A: Yes you can. But, it may limit uptravel. We will update this section with further info.

Q: The widebody fenders only say they fit PX2/3. I have a PX1 or BT50?

A: At launch we will only have the PX2/3 ready. We will be redesigning for PX1 BT50 ASAP. For PX1, the front fender is 99% the same as PX2/3. A competent body shop will be able to tweak the PX2 design to suit the PX1 headlight.