Q: Why spring under axle, doesn't it lower my ground clearance and wont the u-bolts get stuck on rocks?

A: Right where the leaf springs are mounted, yes, you will have technically less clearance. But, our design is pretty unique compared to common examples (Landcruiser 79 series) where we use square u-bolts from the bottom, with a leaf spring skid plate, which leaves no sharp edges to get caught on. 

We believe the benefits of the much longer springs outweighs the small loss of ground clearance.

Q: Is there any welding required?

A: Nope. It's a complete bolt on system that is easily reversed if required. 

Q: Is it road legal?

A: It's in a grey area. The lift is below the NCOP limit, so it doesn't breach that. The conversion shackle is technically longer than factory, but its to suit the change of spring location. Consult with your state authority for clarification.

Q: Which shocks should I pick?

A: Depends on your goals. For us ride comfort is the number one priority and that means balancing uptravel with down travel. 

So, first we need to look at the factory shock specs. Open length is 618mm and closed is 378mm for a very respectable travel of 240mm. 

Using some simple math, if our new ride height is approximately 38-50mm taller than factory, the replacement shocks ideal closed length would be around 410-420mm.

The goal is to get as short of a closed length as possible whilst also having a long open length...but we are still bound by the laws of physics, so as your open length gets longer, so does your closed length. 

For us the sweet spot is around 10-11inch travel shocks. You can of course fit longer and sacrifice your uptravel for more fully sick flex. 

The other thing to consider is the bump stop. Our included bump stop has been set at a height that works for shocks between 410-430mm closed length.

At the end of the day the choice is yours. 

  Open Closed
Superior 40mm Gas - 10in travel 680mm 420mm
Superior 40mm Gas - 10.5in travel 700mm 430mm
Superior 40mm Gas - 11.5in travel 735mm 443mm
Superior 2.0 Remote Res - 10.5in travel 680mm 415mm
Superior 2.0 Remote Res - 11in travel 700mm 425mm
Superior 2.0 Remote Res - 11.5in travel 735mm 445mm

Please note: 2.0 Remote Res shocks will require PSR P/n PSRUNI-088 X2 to convert remote res to piggybacks.