Q: Why is there an asterix next to 12" travel?

A: Because the travel achieved is entirely dependant on what shocks you use. The kit was designed around the GMF Race LT Coilover. Unfortunately due to reasons outside of our control, since beginning this kit, the GMF shocks have gone out of stock. We are working with GMF on a solution but we don't have a timeline for this. 

Q: Will "X" Shocks work?

A: We have designed the kit around the PX2 style shock which uses a M16 lower shock bolt. We can provide required misalignment spacers to convert PX3 shocks to suit this. Just let us know.

Q: Is there any welding required?

A: Nope. It's a complete bolt on system that is easily reverse if required. Unless you opt for the Hydraulic bumpstops, which require welding to the chassis.

Q: Is it road legal?

A:At this stage, its not road legal in Australia. We are working towards post-rego approval for the full Stage 2 kit, which includes a track corrected rear differential which is required to meet ADR/NCOP rules. The kit we are selling today will form part of the kit that becomes legal, so you can always install now and get certified later.