2.5 Coilover with remote reservoir, that has a removable top cap and a spherical bearing.

  • Carbon Shock Technologies (our recommendation)
  • GMF Race 2.5 LT
  • Superior Engineering 2.5
  • Fox
  • Kings
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    Ideal shock lengths

    These are the GMF LT Race shock specs, which is the longest possible Ranger coilover we are aware of.

    • Ideal Closed length: 395mm
    • Ideal Open length: 555mm

    If you have a PX3 and you don't want to add our Hydraulic bumpstops, your travel will be limited as PX3 shocks are shorter than PX1/2 shocks.


    Its possible to use pos55 wheels (factory Ranger or Ranger Raptor) and stay mostly inside of off the shelf flares. But any offset will work. 


    MAX 285/70r17 (32.8") with stock gaurds. Due to the additional uptravel you will have issues with damaging guards at full bump. 


    To match your new increased travel on the front, you need to increase the rear suspension travel. Our Stage 1 Rear kit is capable of achieving 12" of wheel travel is a great compliment to the long travel front. Shop it here!